Sponsorship for Ismael Valdes Ramirez


We are happy to support Ismael Valdez Ramirez via Plan International. He is seven years old and lives in San Juan, Dominican Republic.

Ismael Valdez Ramirez

Through this sponsorship, we support:

  • the child
    Plan International: The children’s rights of the United Nations always form the basis of our work. Your sponsored child becomes a kind of ambassador:in his community (as well as our work) and thus receives more attention and appreciation. In addition, it also benefits directly from our sustainable self-help projects. Especially girls experience our support, as they are still disadvantaged in many places.
  • its family
    Plan International: We also carry out income-generating measures for the families, such as agricultural training. As a result, the family is able to generate its own income and can offer their children the opportunity to attend school.
  • and even the whole village
    As part of our long-term self-help projects, schools or health stations are built, teachers trained or a functioning water supply established. In addition, community members are educated about health issues. All this serves to strengthen the community of the sponsored children.
  • note
    Part of the donation will be used by Plan International for the protection, education, political participation, health and income generation of girls and young women.

Certificate of Donation

  • 2022, Confirmation of Donation, Download.
  • 2023, Coming from Plan International in February 2024