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why pink ?

The color DeepPink – from now on only called pink – is most often associated with compassion, charity, helpfulness, tolerance and empathy.
It started with a series of paintings called “the world needs more pink”. The artist Jeanet gave one of these paintings as a gift to a friend, because Oscar loves wearing socks in pink.
Oscar thanked her and a mail from Jeanet follows: Oscar, glad you like the small edition of “world needs more pink” seriously that’s my opinion if the world had more pink it wouldn’t be so brutal. I should realize this in much bigger size. then you would be a trendsetter with your preference for pink.
This idea turned into something bigger. The project “world needs more pink” is born. Jeanet spontaneously gets Manni (her web designer) on board. After a busy weekend, the pilot website is ready.
Many brainstormings and iterations later, the website goes live, in April 2022.