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Jeanet Hönig

Artist, Designer, Coach

Manfred Stoltze

Web Design & Technik

Juliane Breitbach

Online Shop für Grusskarten, Papeterie und Geschenke

Bianca El-Mabrouk

Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Coach

why pink ?

The color DeepPink – from now on only called pink – is most often associated with compassion, charity, helpfulness, tolerance and empathy.
It started with a series of paintings called “THE WORLD NEEDS MORE PINK”. Jeanet – the artist – gave one of these paintings as a gift to Oscar, because he loves wearing socks in pink.
Oscar thanked her and a mail from Jeanet follows: “Oscar, glad you like the small edition of “world needs more pink” seriously that’s my opinion if the world had more pink it wouldn’t be so brutal. I should realize this in much bigger size. then you would be a trendsetter with your preference for pink.
This idea turned into something bigger, the project “WORLD NEEDS MORE PINK” and Jeanet gets Manni on board. By the weekend, the pilot website is ready. A few brainstormings and iterations later, the website “WORLD-NEEDS-MORE-PINK.COM” goes live, in April 2022.